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The Five Realms

Catching Pathways

A crown is always heavy, or it is not a crown.

Maeve Almeida thought she had left other worlds behind her fifteen years ago. Back when she crowned her friend Sebastian as the new high king of the Five Realms.

But as years passed and the way between the worlds remained closed to her, she began to put her memories to paper. Much to her surprise, her stories gained a moderate cult following, were adapted to film, and she soon found herself a C-list celebrity with a wide audience.

Now, at a fantasy convention in downtown L.A., Maeve sees someone who may as well have walked straight out of the pages of her books… Read more here.

Catching Embers

“Time is not on our side.”

The Realms teeter on the edge of chaos, the Nyx and Sebastian’s continued reign a threat to every living creature.

Maeve’s power unlocked at long last, she struggles to control the new magics coursing within her.

Rodan fills the power vacuum left by the Basu family, despite his frequent nightmares over what he did to them.

Worlds apart, they are rapidly running out of time.

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Master and Sous Chef collide, as two young professionals decide if exploring their limitations is worth the risk to their careers and their hearts.

Veronica Delaware is having the worst day in the worst year of her life. Her ex-fiancee is haunting her. His hit single is everywhere on the radio, his face looks down at her from billboards, and his name is on everyone’s lips. Her new oven is giving her fits, her neighbors are rude, and she is run ragged by the stress of keeping up with her social life and her burgeoning career.

But she can at times forget all of that because there’s a stunningly attractive, surprisingly single new man in her life. Now if only she could stand him.

Ethan Craymore realizes that San Francisco may be his only chance to reclaim the culinary fame he once enjoyed on the East Coast. He believes he has learned from the lessons of his past and has sworn to no longer look for love in all the wrong workplaces. What nearly destroyed him once before could be the final nail now.

But when he met his new second, all those thoughts of maintaining a barrier between his career and his heart begin to shatter.

Soon, events outside of Ethan and Veronica’s control force the two together. Can they discover who is trying to harm them, and can they risk succumbing to their mutual attraction?

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