About Me

Listen, I hate writing these things.

I just do.

I write all day. All damn day, every day, since my psych medication cocktail became a near-perfect blend in April 2019. But writing an, ‘About Me’? Makes me want to gag.

Part of what I write are journal entries, but to be honest, the thoughts that rattle around in this brain aren’t what I would consider fit for public consumption. In fact, that will be the name of my memoir if I ever deign to write it: “Not for Public Consumption.”

Yet, I would like you to know me.

You, my audience, my readers, my patrons.

I am writing this on August 24, 2021. I might change it, and soon.

I often do. If you follow me at all, you know this about me.

So, hello. My name is Danielle Berggren. I’m… very human.

I have PTSD, ADHD (AKA, I am a neurodivergent), MDD, and GAD. An alphabet soup of psychiatric conditions.

I turned to writing and to artwork, to shelter and soothe and work out demons when I was younger. It turned into something that I became quite good at, and eventually it bloomed into me being playful and creative with just about anything. Photography, graphic arts, needlework, typography, etc.

I attended college, and though I have enough units under my belt for a four-year degree, it’s such a mix of different subjects that I can’t even scrape together an Associate’s.

I’ve also been married twice, divorced twice, lived in 33 different homes, and feel like the gods of chaos and mischief are quite intent on my fate string. I’ve been through, well… a great deal.

Most of all, I just want you—the lost and the lonely—to know that you’re not unseen. Not so long as we have this method of communication.

With that in mind, sign up for my newsletter. It’s just getting off the ground, but it’s where I’ll do the most communication with you, specifically, moving forward.

Much love. xoxo