About Me

I’m Danielle Berggren. Writer. Artist. Enviro-Hippy.

I’ve been writing since I was 8 years old, my first story involving eagles, kidnapping, and mountain hideaways.

I have PTSD, a disorder that I developed from decades of intense trauma, as well as ADHD—making me neurodivergent (ah! All these parentheses and em dashes make sense now, don’t they?)—MDD, and GAD. I call it my alphabet soup of psychiatric conditions.

I’ve been married twice, divorced twice, moved 33 times in my life, attended six different colleges, and feel as though the gods of chaos and mischief are quite intent on my fate string.

I turned to writing and to artwork to shelter and soothe and work out demons when I was younger. It turned into something that I became quite good at. Eventually, art and writing morphed into other creative endeavors. Photography, graphic arts, needlework, typography, etc.

In April 2019, my psychiatrist and I hit on the perfect cocktail of medication. Since then, I’ve written every day. In October of 2019, I published Catching Pathways, and the sequel Catching Embers came out the next year in September.

I also contribute to Vocal and write under a pseudonym in the fanfiction community.

Want to know more?

I’ll be sending out newsletters (very) infrequently, filled with all kinds of rambling goodness. Sign up for it here. Otherwise you can always check out the blog on danielleberggren.com.